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CONGRATULATIONS to Eve Hinchliffe, Samantha Haravitsidis, Taylah Lighton and Serene Tan who were selected as Victorian State Team athletes. We are glad to also have Emma Shelton selected as a State Team coach and Samantha Shelton as a Chaperone. 
The Australian Aerobic Gymnastics Championships were held in Bendigo 22nd-24th September.
All four girls made Rebound Aerobics so proud of their performances and achievements. Finishing off our competition season with a bang! We look forward to seeing you all continue to improve and compete next year.


Level 6 Senior 
Samantha Haravitsidis 8th 
Serene Tan 19th

Level 7 Intermediate 
Taylah Lighton 6th

Level 7 Senior 
Eve Hinchliffe 2nd

Congratulations to the following athletes on their selection to represent Victoria at the Aerobic Gymnastics National Championships in Bendigo this September 16-19th.

Kenji Fujihara, Elite Male Individual  
Emma Shelton, Senior Level 7 Individual 
Mia Haravitsidis, Senior Level 6 Individual 
Eve Hinchliffe, Intermediate Level 6 Individual 
Taylah Lighton, Intermediate Level 6 Individual & Pair
Niamh Lewin, Intermediate Level 6 Pair 
Samantha Haravitsidis, Intermediate Level 6 Individual 
Maia Gikas, Junior Level 3 Individual

Emma and Mia have also been selected for the Victorian Leadership Team. 

The outstanding results are as follows:
Four first place National Championship winners:
Kenji Fujihara in the Elite Male Individual section 
Emma Shelton Senior Level 7 Individual
Mia Haravitsidis Senior Level 6 Individual
Taylah Lighton and Niamh Lewin Intermediate Level 6 Pair

Huge congratulations must also go to:
2nd place - Eve Hinchliffe Intermediate Level 6 Individual 
3rd place - Samantha Haravitsidis Intermediate Level 6 Individual
4th place - Taylah Lighton Intermediate Level 6 Individual 
The youngest member on the state team squad, Maia Gikas at 9 years of age also performed brilliantly in the preliminary competition and finished 8th in finals.
These results mean so much to the athletes who have worked tirelessly for years on their 1.5 minute routine. 
Congratulations athletes! 
Thank you to family and friends for your support, we couldn't do it without you!